Setting up Skedler-Alerts and visualize in Kibana :

 Use case:

           Setting up the Kibana Discover , Dashboard based on the events triggered on the alert conditions.

Notification Types :

           Elasticsearch Index -> Skedler-Alerts will push the events matching the condition to the Elasticsearch Index

User Inputs:

         Please find the below image for setting up alerts in Skedler-Alerts 

Events which matching the conditions will be pushed to the Elasticsearch Index "alert_in_kibana_Visualize in Kibana_<timestamp>"


How to view the events occurred for the particular alert

Step 1 - 

          Configure an index pattern in Kibana with Time-field name as "alertTimestamp" as shown below


Step 2 - 

Now you can set up your own visualization, search and dashboard based on the events occurred on the alert triggered time (alertTimestamp) as shown below

Kibana Discover:


Kibana Visualization:

Kibana DashBoard: