Customised report.

Hi team,

I am running skedler to generate report from kibana dashboard and i am using free trial version license.

But i could not customise the header and footer information and i would like to add the static template to be attached with every report.  these things how to achieve it with the trail version.

Please help us to test your product. thank you.

Hi Yuva,

Skedler automatically creates a header / footer based on your selections in the report creation page.   Creating and using templates for reports is in our roadmap.   We will keep you posted on its availability.   


Skedler Team.

Hi Yuva,

Skedler v2.7, planned for Spring 2017, will provide the ability to create Report Templates with extensive customization.  


Skedler Team

Hi Yuva,

Skedler v3.2 is now available and provides full report customization.   If you are still looking for an easy to use custom reporting solution for ELK or Elasticsearch with Grafana, please download the free trial and try it out.



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