Skedler v2.8 released

We are excited to announce the release of Skedler v2.8. The new version has the following features along with some bug fixes.


- Export as CSV report from Search
- Support for Tag filters in Saved search
- Saved search row limit is now made configurable in reporting.yml

Known Issues 

- Multiple simultaneous previews is not supported
- Array data types not supported in Search reports
- There is an alignment issue in Tag cloud when smart layout is selected  

- Rest API does not support Email setting configuration

Kibana 5.2.2 and above
- Due to the following issue, in Kibana, Skedler reports will not be generated if the server running skedler is not connected to the internet.
- When heatmap visualization is small (default size) in the Kibana dashboard, Skedler is unable to generate the heatmap. Please increase the size of the heatmap in dashboard to get better results 
- Pie chart is cut at the bottom in the smart layout when PDF report size is set to “Legal/Landscape”  
- Date Histogram aggregation chart appears to be cut without x axis labels at the bottom.
Kibana 5.2.2 below 
- Maps in kibana dashboard won't be displayed if the server running skedler is not connected to internet.

Read v2.8 release notes

We recommend you to upgrade at your earliest convenience to the latest version to take advantage of the enhancements and fixes.

Download Software

Skedler Latest version 2.8


Installation Guide

User Guide

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