Avoid page break without smart layout

Hi, smart layout unfortunately tends to enlarge graphics to the entire page size, and if you have many graphics it's a problem.

So i tried printing in A4 and A3 without smart layout but there's the page-break problem. Printing with default size is not an option for me because i need page numbers and a easy printable document. Is there a way to avoid elements to be splitted in two pages, any custom solution maybe?

I'm close to decide for paying the license, i hope this issue can be fixed.


Hi Marco,

Thanks for reaching out.  We understand the issue with Smart Layout and Default Layout.   We have a new solution - Skedler Designer Edition, that would allow you to build custom reports with charts that you need.  You can preview a demo of the new solution in the URLs below:

Create Custom Reports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neUQGU8YtrM&feature=youtu.be

Create Custom Templates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StsOWmyqsOM&feature=youtu.be

Let us know if you are interested in trying this new Edition and we can provide you with further information.  

This is awesome, thanks! You're really doing a great job expanding Skedler. I'm forwarding the videos to my company right now, i think they'll be impressed. I'll be in touch soon, with the Designer Edition it could be a great step up for our reporting. Thank you

Meanwhile, could you please provide me some informations about the new Edition (pricing, Kibana version...)?


Thank you Marco and appreciate your feedback.

Skedler Designer Edition will be compatible with ELK 5.x.  We will send you the pricing information via email including an attractive offer for early customers.  

We look forward to working with you to help with your reporting effort.  

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