only 10 results in the Report from Community Edition


I am trying out the Reports Community Edition (3.9.2, docker). I use a search that shows hundreds of entries in the Kibana, but Skedler reports only the last 10 of them.

Is this a limitation of the Community Edition? Or is this a bug/problem in my configuration?

Thank you


Hello, how could I debug this problem? Thanks!


You can increase the number of exported rows using the search_limit variable value in Skedler configuration file reporting.yml.

In the reporting.yml can you check if the search_limit variable is missing?  If so, can you kindly add the search_limit variable as shown below to the reporting.yml file?

search_limit: "500"

Note: Search limit is the number of rows to show in the search table. The limit should be between 1 and 10000. The default value is 500.For PDF report the max limit is 1000. If the search_limit size is greater than 1000. The max limit 1000 will be set. For Excel and CSV report the max limit is 10000.
Please let us know if you have any questions.


Skedler Team

I still have this issue in PDF reports, could anyone help with this issue?

Hi Daniel,

We would like to help you resolve this issue.  We created a ticket to track this issue and help you.  


Can you please take a look at the ticket and provide the required info? 



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