Report Generation/Email Fails

I've got a single node ElasticStack 6.5.4 setup with Skedler residing on the same machine, running Server 2012 R2.  Elasticsearch listens on 9200, Kibana on 5601, and Skedler reporting on 5602.  We have a web filter appliance setup on the parameter of our network that monitors only outbound traffic.  During report generation, the following line appears in the logs:

Request for report generation sent to http://HOSTNAME:5602/generatereport

The line following this in the logs is a message from our web filtering appliance stating that it can't find the hostname on the internet.  For some reason, Reporting is trying to communicate out to the internet for report generation instead of itself.

Has anyone else run into this before?  I've engaged Skelder support but they seem to be at a loss as well.

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