To upgrade skedler to newer version, follow the steps given below:

1.  Download the new version of Skedler.
2.  Stop Skedler if it is running.
3.  Please take a backup of the existing Skedler.  
4.  Extract the new skedler.tar.gz to the same folder or to a new location. 
5.  If extracting to a new location, run the as mentioned in the step 4 of the 
Step-by-step install guide to update the service files and skedler home environment variables, which is already set for the older version of skedler.
6.  Start Skedler manually or as a service.
7.  To start Skedler as a service, execute:
sudo service skedler start
8.  To start Skedler manually,
     Change the directory to $skedler_home (e.g., /opt/skedler).  execute:
9. License Activation -   If you are running the new version of skedler with the same linux user name as the older version, the existing license will be retained. This is applicable for Online and Offline activations.