To schedule the distribution of reports via Slack, you need to configure the Slack settings. This article will help you to configure Slack settings for your reports.


Step-by-Step Instruction

When you launch Skedler for the first time, the Slack Settings are set to Off by default. 

1. You can turn On the Slack Settings using the Slack Settings toggle button. 

Set the Slack Setting field to:

   • On: If you want the distribution of reports via Slack

   • Off: if you do not want the reports to be sent via Slack. The reports will be generated and stored in the server reports folder.

2. Enter the Legacy token that was generated using your Slack API to the Token field.

3. Enter the user or channel name to the Admin field. A warning message will be sent to the configured user or the channel if the reports are empty.  

4. If the Internet connection requires a proxy server, enable the Proxy Setting and enter the details. Specify the protocol, server name or proxy IP, and port. If the proxy setting requires user authentication, enter the username and password in the Username and Password fields.

5. Click Save button.

Next Steps