To activate Skedler (in Free Trial or Licensed) you must activate a valid license key.  A trial license key is automatically populated in the license activation form.  If you purchase Skedler license, you will receive a license key by email.  

License keys can be activated using Online Activation or Offline Activation. However, Free Trial license key requires Online Activation.  If your server doesn’t have an internet connection, please refer to Step-by-Step Guide for Offline License Activation of Skedler.

1. Click Activate License.

2.  The License Activation page is displayed.


3. Enter the required values in the Name, Email, and Company field.


By default, a trial license key is auto-populated in the “License Key” field. If you received a Product license key, update the License key field. 

4. If the Internet connection requires a proxy server, click Proxy Setting in the License Activation page to enter the details. Specify the protocol, server name or proxy IP, and port. If the proxy setting requires user authentication, enter the username and password in the Username and Password fields. Click Save button. The License Activation page is displayed.


5. Read and select I agree to the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

6. Click Online Activation to activate the Skedler Trial License.