This document will walk you through the steps to configure an email notification channel on Skedler with the supported service Outlook for below mentioned cases.

Case 1- When the user has disabled the 2- Step verification.
Case 2- When the user has enabled the 2 - Step verification.

Case1When the user has disabled the 2- Step verification.
Step 1: Click on the "Notification channel" option in the left panel, click on create a button in the top right corner, and choose mail.

Step 2: Configure the Notification channel by entering the Basic and Sender's details as shown in the screenshot below. (Hint, Choose the supported service as Outlook, Outgoing server is, Port Number is 587)

Step 3: Send a test mail to double-check your setup and click on the Save button. (Once you click on the Save button, a Notification channel will be created and will be ready to use to distribute reports)