Note: This article is applicable only for Skedler Reports v4.  For Skedler v5 migration, refer to Migrate Skedler v5 to a New Instance

To move the Skedler Reports with the license from one server to another, deactivate the license (refer Step-by-Step to Deactivate Skedler Reports License for more information) and follow the below steps:

1.  Deactivate Skedler Reports license in the old server.

2.  Copy Skedler Reports to the new server.

3.  Verify the necessary pre-requisites in the new server. Refer Prerequisites section in the corresponding guides for more information.

4.  For Linux systems Refer to Step-by-Step Skedler Reports Installation Guide for Linux and Step-by-Step Skedler Reports Installation Guide for Windows to install.

5.  Start Skedler Reports in new server using the cd skedler_home and bin/skedler (or bin\skedler.bat) commands.

6.  Activate the license with the same key that was used to activate Skedler Reports on the old server and use the same details to fill the form.

If you encounter any issues during the process, contact Skedler Reports