Setting up Skedler-Alerts and Visualize in Kibana


          Setting up the Kibana Discover , Dashboard based on the events triggered on the alert conditions.

Notification Types

           Elasticsearch Index -> Skedler-Alerts will push the events matching the condition to the Elasticsearch Index

User Inputs

         Find the below image for setting up alerts in Skedler-Alerts 

Events which matching the conditions will be pushed to the Elasticsearch Index "alert_in_kibana_Visualize in Kibana_<timestamp>"


How to view the events occured for the particular alert

Step 1 -

Configure an index pattern in Kibana with Time-field name as "alertTimestamp" as shown below


Step 2 -

Now you can set up your own visualization, search and dashboard based on the events occurred on the alert triggered time (alertTimestamp) as shown below

Kibana Discover


Kibana Visualization

Kibana Dashboard