Build/Version Number: 3.1

Release Date: September 1, 2017

New Features

  • Ability to send scheduled report via Slack
  • Ability to resize header/footer when creating custom template for reports
  • Print the Phantom debug log on report generation
  • Ability to delete multiple schedule reports, filters and template

Issues Resolved

  • Report generation hangs and does not generate the further reports - Fixed
  • Cannot turn on debug mode without restarting skedler using curl command - Fixed
  • Reports seem to fail when they have an apostrophe in the report name - Fixed

Known Issues

  • Multiple simultaneous previews are not supported.
  • Alignment issue in Tag cloud when the smart layout is selected.
  • When a visualization gets deleted in Kibana dashboard, if Skedler custom report has the deleted visualization then an empty page occurs in the generated report.
  • Due to the following issue, in Kibana, Skedler reports will not be generated if the server running skedler is not connected to the internet.
  • When heatmap visualization is small (default size) in the Kibana dashboard, Skedler is unable to generate the heatmap. Please increase the size of the heatmap in the dashboard to get better results.
  • In Kibana 5.2.2 and below, maps in Kibana dashboard won't be displayed if the server running skedler is not connected to the internet.