Report history is a collection of previously run copies of a report. You can use report history to maintain a record of a report over time. Report history is an extension of a report. The reports can be viewed based on the time range. 

Note: For Skedler v3.12 and below refer How to view report history


Note: The similar process is followed for a standard schedule report.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Report Summary

  • The default time range is Today with the number of documents set to 25. You can change the time range and also increase the document count.
  • You can also change time range and also the number of documents and click on GO.
  • The reports that are scheduled for the given time range is displayed
  • The Report List section displays the following details,
    • Report Name - Name of the generated report
    • Schedule - Last scheduled details of the report
    • Last Sent - Last report generated time of the report
    • Report Type - List of format configured for the report for the during the time of report generation.
    • Datasource - Data source details.
    • Latest status - Last report generated status

  • The report summary page displays the list of scheduled reports for the specified time range. Click the particular report to view the report details of the scheduled report

Report History