Build/Version Number: 4.4.0

Release Date: August 19, 2019

System Requirements

  • Operating System
    • Linux 7 (debian7/ubuntu12.04 to 18.04, RedHat 7/CentOS 7)
    • Windows 64 bit
    • Please note that Linux 6 is not supported.
  • Elastic Stack
    • Elasticsearch & Kibana 5.x to 7.3.x
    • Open Distro for Elasticsearch from 0.8.0 to 1.1.0 is supported.
    • Security plugins: Xpack and Search Guard Version from 5.x.x to 7.3.x are supported.
  • Grafana version from 5.x to 6.3.x

New Features

  • Support for Elasticsearch and Kibana version 7.3.x
  • Support for Grafana 6.3.x
  • Generate PDF Reports directly from Kibana Data Table
  • Support for customized Time picker quick ranges configured in Kibana Quick Time Window
  • Ability to setup Grafana datasource with non-admin users

Changes from previous version

  • N/A

Bug Fixes

  • Burst Filters are not working for multiple filter queries in Grafana - Fixed
  • Custom Template with A3 Landscape page customization in Grafana Reports are not working - Fixed
  • Custom images folder persistence not working in Docker - Fixed
  • Not able to get OS in Docker - Fixed
  • Data mismatches in Kibana search excel reports when using filters - Fixed
  • Not able to create reports in community version - Fixed

Known Issues

  • In Kibana v5.6.12 and v6.x, regional map in Kibana dashboard will not be displayed properly in the generated PDF report.
  • If the Kibana tenant name contains special characters like #,?,& and %, Skedler is will not be able to discover the dashboards from Kibana. Kindly refer the issue here
  • If the Kibana v5.x dashboard has only one visualization and if the visualization is a pie chart then the generated - report is sent to the warning email.
  • In the generated custom report, if you find any of the template elements with triple dot, kindly refer the following article How to customize template elements without triple dot to overcome the customisation issue.
  • In the IE browser drag and drop of template elements is not supported.
  • When heatmap visualization is small (default size) in the Kibana dashboard, Skedler is unable to generate the heatmap with an exact view. Please increase the size of the heatmap dashboard to get better results.
  • In Grafana v5.4.2, Bubble chart is not displayed properly in the generated PDF report.
  • In Grafana v6.x, Pie chart is not displayed properly for Dashboard layout in the generated PDF report.
  • Kibana charts Control, Vega and Timelion get cut in x-axis in the generated custom PDF report.
  • If the Kibana dashboard has a goal chart and if the goal chart does not display any data (ie, no result found) for the configured time window then the generated report is sent to the admin email.
  • Legends in visual builder charts appear on the right in the generated report irrespective of the legend's position in the Kibana dashboard.
  • There is an alignment issue in Tag cloud when smart layout is selected.
  • When a visualization gets deleted in Kibana dashboard, if Skedler custom report has the deleted visualization then an empty page occurs in the generated report.
  • Due to the following issue, in Kibana, Skedler reports will not be generated if the server running skedler is not connected to the internet.
  • In Kibana 5.2.2 and below, maps in Kibana dashboard won't be displayed if the server running skedler is not connected to the internet.
  • In Grafana, custom template with A3 page size, landscape orientation PDF report is not generated properly.
  • Kibana dashboard with 'Maps application' will be blank on generated PDF and excel reports.


  • Access the documentation - Getting Started guide for Skedler Reports v4.4.x  here.