It is now possible to export the Grafana dashboard as an Excel report and schedule the report as hourly, weekly, monthly, etc. Skedler will automatically discover all the existing dashboards which are created by you. All you need to do is just select the dashboard you want to get exported as. 


  1. A successful configuration of data sources in Skedler configuration.  Refer How to configure Datasource and Notification channel details

Step-by-Step Instruction

  1. When you launch Skedler for the first time, the Settings page is displayed. You can access Basic and Advanced settings.
  2. Choose Grafana as datasource.
    • Enter the name of the Datasource in the Name field.

    • Enter the Grafana URL instance in the Grafana URL field. By default, the field is set with “http://localhost:3000” value.

    • If Grafana has Security users, then turn “On” the Authentication using the toggle button and fill the following field values. If anonymous access is enabled in Grafana turn “Off” the Authentication using the toggle button. By default, Authentication is enabled.

      • Enter the security username and password for Grafana in the Grafana Admin Username and Grafana Admin Password field respectively.
  3. Click Test and Save to test and save the configuration. On successful configuration click the Next button.


  4. To export as Excel, Export to Excel toggle button. Once you click on the toggle button, you can see the list of data sources that are present in your Grafana server.

        6. In order to export to excel, click on each data source and configure it by providing username and password. Then, click on Test and Save individually.

        7. Now, you can successfully create reports and export them as an excel sheet.


The following data sources are supported 






Now, go to "Schedule Reports" and choose the dashboard you want to export as Excel. In the option "File Format", Select Excel. To know about creating a report in detail.