The first step after logging into Skedler UI is to activate the license.  

Access License Activation Page

You can access the license activation page in a few ways:

  • Click on Go to License Page link in the yellow section at the top.  This section will be visible if license is not activated or if your license has expired.  

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Or, click on Upgrade License button at the bottom left corner of Skedler dashboard.

Or, clicking on the Profile icon -> Account Settings -> License

Activate License

To activate a license click on Activate License button.

Online License Activation

If your Skedler server is connected to the internet, you can activate the license key online.  

  1. Enter your work email id and license key. 

  2. Accept the terms and conditions.

  3. Click the Activate button to activate the license.

You will see the license activation message.  Click the Get Started button to navigate to the Reports home page.

You will see the Reports Dashboard.

Offline Activation in Air-gapped Environments

If you installed Skedler in an air-gapped environment, follow the steps below to activate the license.

  1. Enter work email id and license key.

  2. Accept terms and conditions.

  3. Check Offline Activation and click the Download Activation File.

A product_activation.txt file will be downloaded in your server/machine once you click on the Download Activation File button.  You now need to upload this file to the Skedler offline license activation page.  If you do not have internet access on your Skedler machine, transfer/copy the product_activation.txt file to a machine with internet access.  

Don't do anything yet on the offline activation modal window displayed in Skedler Reports.   You will come back to this UI after license activation in Skedler website.   

In the machine with internet access, you must execute the below steps:

  1. Open the browser, and go to the Skedler offline license activation page 

  2. Enter your license key and upload the product_activation.txt file.

  3. Click the Activate button.

Skedler website will activate the product_activation.txt file and will download a license_key.dat file to the machine (with internet access). 

Now transfer the license_key.dat file from the machine with internet access to the Skedler machine (in the air-gapped environment).  Then, upload license_key.dat file in the Offline Activation modal window and click Activate button.

You will see the license activation success message.

 Click the Go to Reports button to navigate to the Reports home page.

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