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Skedler FAQs
Skedler <> License FAQs
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Skedler FAQs

1. Do I need my computer open for my reports to work?

Yes, the computer should be open, and the skedler service should be running for the reports to be generated.

2. Error generating report | Skedler does not generate a dashboard report.
Deploy the debug package by using this documentation.
The debug package must be deployed separately (i.e, you do not have to change the existing package).

3. skedlerconsole.log - debug | Can we turn down this debug logging?

These are just the report generation log that Skedler stores in your environment to analyze if anything goes wrong

4. What are the CPU/RAM requirements for Skedler?

The CPU/RAM requirements for Skedler are 2 Core CPUs and 8GB RAM.

5. How to backup Skedler configuration and reports?

Copy the assets and DB files to another location in the system.

Skedler <> License FAQs

1. License update | We are updating from Skedler v3/v4 to v5 skedler. Can our existing license key be updated to v5 format?
Yes, you need to upgrade Skedler to the latest version and reach out to your assigned CSM-POC for an upgraded license key / Raise a ticket.

2. Can't activate license | license has reached its allowed activation limit.

Reach out to your assigned CSM-POC / Raise a ticket

3. Skedler Activation failed | can I use the Skedler v4 key to activate Skedler v5?

Skedler v5 version cannot be activated using a Skedler v4 key (As a next step Reach out to your assigned CSM-POC / Raise a ticket)

4Unable to activate the Skedler trial license key.
Try Skedler offline Activation | Hint, here's a Supporting doc for Skedler Offline Activation.

5. Issue Offline Activation | v5

Follow the documentation Skedler Offline Activation containing step-by-step screenshots to help you. If the issue persists, Raise a ticket.

Skedler <> Grafana FAQs

1. Unable to connect with Grafana Datasource using an API Key with Admin rights.
We recommend using your Grafana username & password instead of the API key. The username has an admin role.

Skedler <> Kibana FAQs

1. Is there a Skedler v5 plugin for Kibana Skedler v4?

Skedler (v5) plugin is not available for Kibana currently.

2. Is Kibana 7.14.1 not supported by the Skedler v4 plugin?

The Skedler v4 plugin does not support ELK version 7.14.1 or above.

3. How to get the Kibana URL to connect the data source to Skedler?

The Kibana URL is the URL that you use to access Kibana.  The URL should be for the Kibana login or homepage and not for a specific dashboard.  

If the kibana is in their local machine, the URL is 'localhost:5601', 

If Kibana is on a public hosted server, Kibana URL will typically be 'server-ip:5601.'

4. Should I use the index pattern or index name as the value in the Kibana Index field for the Skedler Datasource configuration (index pattern or index name)?

You can give either of the two. But giving an index pattern is better since you will have all access to all the indices that follow the prefix .kibana.

5. How is the Kibana index field used by Skedler? Is it required to create a corresponding index pattern in ELK as Skedler?

Whatever Kibana index you have in your ELK, you should input the same value in Skedler will during configuration. Only then, Skedler will be able to fetch all the dashboards associated with the index.

6. What version of Kibana theme-based report generation is supported by Skedler?

Kibana theme-based report generation is supported only for ELK 7.0 to 7.10.

7. Visualization not found, Please add it in library error | Post Datasource Integration in new projects.

All you need to do is "open your Kibana dashboard and add the visualization to the library"

(Hint, select the dashboard, go to the Settings icon, click More and then Save it to the library)

After that, you would be able to view it in Skedler if you connect the data source in the new reports.

Skedler <> Pricing FAQs

1. Is Skedler charged by the number of elastic nodes?

The pricing of Skedler is dependent on the number of instances. There are no separate charges for the number of elastic nodes.