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I've been reading and playing with the API tools currently available with Skedler, and I was wondering whether it's possible to have a PDF sent using the API? either from a link to one, or another means.

So that a separate application, can communicate with Skedler to generate and receive reports from, using a means besides email. 

If this is not current feature, or a planned one, it is something I can find a workaround to I'm sure.

I was just curious of whether I'm missing something, or if this is on the roadmap.



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Hi David,

Right now Skedler API does not support this feature.
However, we will take this as a feature request and add it to our roadmap. We will keep you posted on its availability.


Skedler Team.



Just wanted to provide an update that REST API is fully supported in Skedler Reports and Alerts.  Please refer to Skedler Integration Using REST API

Thank you.



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