Skedler v2.7 released

We are excited to announce the release of Skedler v2.7. The new version has the following features along with some bug fixes.


 - Added support to Elasticseach version 5.2.2 and Kibana version 5.2.2
 - Turn on/off debug mode without restarting skedler using curl command
 - Phantom port series made configurable which allows running multiple Skedler instances on the same machine

Bug Fix

 - Invalid time displayed in skedler search report when time is of type epoch millis - Fixed
 - Failure in sending scheduled reports with Amazon SES - Fixed
 - Error while updating to new version - Fixed
 - Excel report not maintaining its type - Fixed
 - Not able to generate heavy dashboard - Fixed
 - _id field in .skedler index different from name in file system - Fixed

Known Issues
 - Multiple previews will not work
 - Due to the following issue, in Kibana, Skedler reports will not be generated if the server running skedler is not connected to the internet
 - When heatmap visualization is small (default size) in the Kibana dashboard, Skedler couldn't generate the heatmap. Please increase the size of the heatmap in dashboard to get better results
 - Array data types not supported

Read v2.7 release notes

We recommend you to upgrade at your earliest convenience to the latest version to take advantage of the enhancements and fixes.

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Skedler Latest version 2.7


Installation Guide

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