Unable to configure Skedler Alerts on Windows

I am unable to go beyond this screen. I am running version 3.6. When I enter the tab schedule Alerts, the skedler Alert Tool asks me to enter email details and then an email is unable to be sent. Would like to know how to schedule alerts? I have attached a screenshot Regards Bhashyam
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Hi Bhashyam,

In case, if your email server is unable to connect with Skedler "Alerts." So, there are possibilities like:

- You'd have "disallowed" less secure apps to access your Gmail/Google account.

- If not, please check your "Firewall" configuration and make sure it allows your email server to connect with other applications.

-  If none of the above, causes a problem connecting with "Skedler," we request you to try using a different "email address" which is been used for accessing a different application.

We request you to check all the above-mentioned possibilities.

Hope this helps.

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