Using Skedler with ReadonlyREST

We are using elasticsearch and kibana 5.6.1 with ReadonlyREST security plugin. Skedler Version 3.7.

Before we install the ReadonlyREST plugin, we can generate report successfuly.

However, after we installed ReadonlyREST, we got a timeout when we generate report, it seems the Skedler cannot connect with the kibana.

Is it possible to use skedler with ReadonlyREST? How can we config the Skedler to achive this?

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Wilson, did you get this to work in the end? I'd be interested if you did. 

Did you get anywhere with this? I would also like to know if Skedler works with readonlyREST. 


We are planning a release of Skedler v3.9 with support for ReadonlyREST.  It should be available by mid Oct 2018.  

Would that timeframe work for you?  We can probably provide you with an early version around Oct 9th.  


That would be brilliant if you can make it work. Thanks 

I'd be very interested in this as well as we're currently trialling ReadonlyREST. Can I get in on the early access too please?

Sure thing.  We will let you know as soon as the new Skedler version becomes available.  


Just wondering if there's any update on the new version please?

Hi Andy,

We are doing the final testing on the new version.  We will give you early access by next week.   



Any update?

Any update on this please?

Hi Andy,

We have released the latest version of Skedler which supports ReadOnlyRest. You can download the Skedler Reports latest v3.9.1 from here and check out the release notes


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