Using Skedler Reports for Grafana - Elasticsearch error


I try to configure Skedler Reports for Grafana, but it gives me an error on ElasticSearch 'Unable to connect to elasticsearch at ...'.

Is ElasticSearch a required component in combination with Grafana?

Kind regards,

Jozef Vermeulen

Hi Jozef,

At this time,  Elasticsearch is a required component for Grafana Reporting.  

What are the data sources that you are using with Grafana?  



I am having same issue trying to run Skedler in Windows.

I get the following error:

 [2018-10-01 13:17:15.194] [INFO] [skedler] - Unable to connect to elasticsearch at http://localhost:9200. Retrying in 2.5 seconds.

 I don’t have ElasticSearch installed and commented it also out in the config file but it seems that ErlasticSearch is a requirement.

I use Grafana to report on a MYSQL database so don’t require ElasticSearch at this stage.

Is there any way to make it work without having Elastic Search?




Hi Stephan,

The current version of Skedler requires Elasticsearch.  We are working on a version of Skedler that wouldn't require Elasticsearch.  Would you be interested in trying out an early version when it becomes available? 



Yes I would like to try out the early version please. thanks

Great! we will keep you posted.  


Has there been any update on this?  I'd like to utilize Skedler for reporting from Grafana with PRTG as a datasource if possible.

Hi Brad,  

We are currently working on Skedler v4.0 for Grafana with non-ES data sources.  The ETA for v4.0 is early Jan 2019.   



Hi Shankar,

This still true? I'm a new user Skedler Reports and installed v3.12.1 community Edition.

I comment all the Elastic Search lines at reporting.yml (and insert sets to grafana) and skedler already can "see" the dashboards. My actual battle is with Rest APi. 

Can you confirm if i need to download skedler Reports v4.0 to only reports from Grafana? if so how can i make the download?



Hi Team, 

I have a technical question.

We are able to produce the search results in PDF format. But if you refer the attachment. Generated report is showing each row in one page with 2 columns (Field name and its content). 

My question is, is there way we can present the data in tabular format.

i.e. First row containing all the column header/title and remaining rows contains only data ????

With regards,



Hi Pradeep,

Good to hear from you. Thanks for reaching us.

Please note, for search PDF report type select the layout type as dashboard layout in the Report Design tab and save the report. 

Now try generating the report. In the generated report you can find the titles as each and every column and the data according to the rows.


Skedler Support Team

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