Skedler Reports v4.0.0

We  are pleased to announce the release of Skedler v4.0.0  With  this new  release, you can now automate reporting from Grafana 6.1.x. In  addition,  you can generate reports from ELK 6.7.x.

New Features

  • Support for HTML based reports.
  • Support for Multi-tenancy for Elastic stack using Search Guard. 
  • Support for OpenDistro with Multi-tenancy.
  • A new simpler user interface for creating reports, bursting reports and templates.
  • Ability to manage ELK stack and Grafana Datasource details in UI.
  • Ability to instantly download reports.
  • Internal/External “mysql/sqlite” Database support for ELK Datasource.


  • Datasource configuration for ELK and Grafana is migrated from reporting.yml and made available in the User Interface.


  • Access the Getting Started guide for Skedler Reports v4.0  here.

You can view the release notes here.

Download the latest version of Skedler Reports from here.

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