To upgrade skedler to a newer version, follow the steps.

1.  Download the new version of skedler.
2.  Stop skedler if it is running.
3.  Extract the new to the same folder or to a new location.
4.  If extracting to a new location, provide permissions to folders as follows:
  • Change the current directory (or go) to the folder where was extracted. For convenience, let us call this folder as $skedler_home.
  • Provide read/write permissions to the following folders:
    • $skedler_home\log
    • $skedler_home\reports
    • $skedler_home\src\preview
    • Report folder configured for reports_dir parameter in reporting.yml 
    • UI files folder configured for the parameter ui_files_location
5. Start Skedler as follows.
  • Change directory to $skedler_home (e.g., /opt/skedler).
  • To start Skedler manually, execute bin/skedle.bat