This article guides you how to configure Skedler with Xpack/Search Guard Kibana plugin.


  • A successful installation of Xpack/Search Guard Kibana plugin in Kibana

Step-by-Step Instruction

For Skedler to connect with Kibana Security you would need to configure the following properties in reporting.yml. You can find the file in the following location skedler_home/config/reporting.yml

1. If any security plugin configured in Kibana like Xpack or Search Guard. By default the variable, the is commented and set to xpack. 

Uncomment the variable and configure the variable shield with the respective value given below,

  • For Xpack configure the shield variable as xpack
  • For Search Guard configure the shield variable as searchguard

2. If Kibana shield plugin or Search Guard Kibana plugin is installed in Kibana set the kibana_shield_plugin variable as yes. By default, the variable is set to no.

3. Set the skedler_elasticsearch_username and skedler_elasticsearch_password with the Shield username and password created for skedler.

4. Set the kibana_elasticsearch_username and kibana_elasticsearch_password  with the Shield username and password created for skedler.