To increase the search count in the generated excel report, the Skedler heap memory needs to be increased. Proceed to the steps outlined below,

1. Stop the Skedler process.

2. In the Skedler configuration file $skedler_home/config/reporting.yml the variable "memorySize" needs to be increased. Uncomment the variable and set the value in a megabyte. Ideally, its set as when memorySize is 1024, the maximum search count max will be 10000, similarly when the memorySize is 2048 search count max will be 10000, and so on.

#memorySize: 1024

For example,

memorySize: 2048

3. Start the Skedler process.

4. Access Skedler in UI and then navigate to Configuration > Data Source sections. In the Elasticsearch Advanced options increase the Search Limit value as required.

5. Save the modified the changes.

6. Try generating the Excel report.