Skedler version 2.7.1 and below

You can increase the row size using the following option in Kibana's Settings menu

Go to Settings->Advanced. Find the parameter  discover:sampleSize  

By default, the value is set to 500. Skedler uses the row size which is configured in Kibana. For this kindly configure the Kibana version in reporting.yml. If the Kibana version is not correctly set in Skedler reporting.yml then the default value 500 will be set.

Skedler version 2.8

You can configure the search_limit variable value in Skedler reporting.yml.

Search limit is the number of rows to show in the search table. The limit should be between 1 and 10000. The default value is 500.

For PDF report the max limit is 1000. If the search_limit size is greater than 1000. The max limit 1000 will be set. For excel and CSV report the max limit is 10000.