Build/Version Number: 3.3

Release Date: December 26, 2017

New Features

  • Elasticsearch 6 and above support
  • Rest API support
  • SSL support for Skedler and Elasticsearch
  • Setting up alert based on rule type
    • threshold ( any event matching a given filter )
    • spike ( when the rate of events increases or decreases in time window )
    • repeated value ( values that were repeatedly seen in current time window to the previous time window )
    • new value ( values that were not seen in previous time window but seen in current time window )
  • Support for inclusion/exclusion of current time window in previous time window ( Eg- comparing 15 mins data to last 1 hour data by excluding the 15 mins current time window data )

Issues Resolved

  • Test Query not working

Known Issues

  • Alerts based on Geo-Ip 'datatype' not supported in this version
  • Running alerts as service in debug mode not working on Ubuntu 16.04 or higher version