This section discusses the hardware and software requirements for installing Skedler Reports v5 on different operating systems. 

Supported Data Sources

  • Elasticsearch & Kibana: 6.x - 7.x 
  • Grafana: 5.x - 8.x
  • Opensearch: 0.8 - 1.x

Skedler is frequently updated to support the latest releases of the above data sources. Refer to the release notes of a Skedler version to see the supported versions of the data sources.

Recommended Hardware

  • Install Skedler in a standalone VM or server or docker container.  Your network must be configured such that Skedler can connect to your ELK and/or Grafana data sources.
  • A minimum of 2 CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM is recommended

Supported OS

Supported Databases

Skedler requires a database to store configuration data such as reports, users, data sources, templates, and history. Skedler supports the following databases:

  • SQLite  -  Default, embedded database typically located in /var/lib/skedler-xg.  
  • MySQL  - To be configured in reporting.yml.