If you get an error banner showing "Please check if kibana is running"


Or in skedler log if you get the following error when you mail a scheduled report

[xx:xx:xx] [ERROR] [skedler log] - Dashboard ReportEngine - Error in generating report, check whether kibana is running

To resolve,

  • Check if kibana URL is configured properly in config/reporting.yml in skedler directory.
  • Or If kibana is setup behind an nginx server, configure the following variables with Ngnix username and password for kibana in config/reporting.yml in skedler directory.

                   skedler_nginx_kibana_username: user
                   skedler_nginx_kibana_password: pass

  • To check the reachability of kibana server, run the following command in the server where Skedler runs

                   sudo curl -XGET <Kibana URL>