If you do not have an internet connection, please follow the steps given below to activate license key offline for Skedler-Alerts.

  • To activate the license, click the About icon in Skedler-Alerts Homepage.

  • To activate license Click "Activate License" button.

  • The following screenshot displays the License Activation Page

  • You must have a license key for the requested edition
  • Enter the required information Name, Email and Company.
  • Enter the 25-digit alphanumeric license key or activation code.
  • Offline Activation does not require proxy setting. 
  • Read and click the Terms and Conditions.
  • Click “Offline Activation” link.


  • On clicking, it will generate a product.txt file. Use the steps given below to generate the licensing file(actOff.dat).
    • Open the generated product.txt file
    • Copy the content/text inside the product.txt file
    • Use the following curl command to generate the licensing file(actOff.dat) replace the STRING_FROM_THE_FILE with the copied content from product.txt
    • Open the terminal and run the command.
  • After generating the license file(actOff.dat). Click “About” icon in Skedler-Alerts home page.

  • Click “License information” button. Edition type and the license key is automatically filled. Click “Select File”, find the license file “actOff.dat” on your computer and upload it.

             Note: Retain the same file name “actOff.dat” during file upload.


  • Click “Activation” to activate the license.

  • Click "Abort" button to abort your offline activation process.