How to activate Skedler-Alerts license key Offline below for v3.4 and below

Modified on Wed, 02 May 2018 at 06:23 AM

If you do not have an internet connection, please follow the steps given below to activate license key offline for Skedler Alerts.Note: The embedded free trial key cannot be used for offline activation.

If you are evaluating Skedler Alerts (Free Trial) and if your server does not have internet access, please contact Skedler Support team to request a special 21-day temporary license key for offline activation. Once you receive the special key, use the steps below to activate the key offline.

  • To activate the license, click the About icon in Skedler Alerts Homepage.

  • To activate license Click “Activate License” button.

  • The following screenshot displays the License Activation Page

  • In the License Activation page, enter the required details.
    Note: You must have a license key to activate the product.
    • Enter the Name, Email, and Company Name in the corresponding fields.
    • Enter the 25-digit alphanumeric license key or activation code in the License Key field.
    • Read and select I agree to the terms and conditions checkbox
    • Click Offline Activation link to initiate offline activation of Skedler Alerts.
      Note: Activating the product offline does not require proxy settings.


  • On clicking, it will generate a product.txt file. Use the steps given below to generate the licensing file(actOff.dat).
    • Open the generated product.txt file
    • Copy the content/text inside the product.txt file
    • Use the following curl command to generate the licensing file(actOff.dat) replace the STRING_FROM_THE_FILE with the copied content from product.txt
    • Open the terminal and run the command.
  • After generating the license file(actOff.dat). Click “About” icon in Skedler Alerts home page.

  • Click “License information” button. Edition type and the license key is automatically filled. Click “Select File”, find the license file “actOff.dat” on your computer and upload it.
    Note: Retain the same file name “actOff.dat” during file upload.


  • Click “Activation” to activate the license.

  • Click "Abort" button to abort your offline activation process.

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