1. Stop Skedler-Alerts in old server
  2. Deactivate the Skedler-Alerts license key. You can deactivate Skedler-Alerts license key either Online or Offline. NOTE: Trial edition cannot be deactivated
  • Deactivate Skedler-Alerts license key Online

                    Online deactivation requires an Internet connection. To deactivate Skedler-Alerts license key, navigate to alert_home directory and run the following command,

                         cd alert_home

                         bin/deactivate online

  • Deactivate Skedler-Alerts license key Offline

                    Offline deactivation does not require an Internet connection. To deactivate Skedler-Alerts license key, navigate to alerts_home directory and run the following command, 

                         cd skedler_home
                         bin/deactivate offline

                    It will generate a text file in alert_home/alert_offline_deactivation_request.txt path, which you must send tosupport@skedler.com. After receiving a confirmation mail from Skedler-Alerts support, proceed with the steps given below,

      3.  Once the Skedler-Alerts license is deactivated successfully, copy Skedler-Alerts to new server

      4.  Give necessary permissions to alert_home directory as follows,

  • sudo chmod -R 765 alert_home

      5.  Verify the necessary pre-requisites in the new server as given in the Installation Guide pre-requisites section

  • Verify hostname configuration
  • Install necessary libraries
  • Check compatibility of kibana and elasticsearch
  • Configure LD_LIBRARY_PATH

      7.  Start Skedler-Alerts in new server

      8. Activate license with the same key which was used to activate Skedler-Alerts on the old server. Use the same details to fill the form.