To upgrade skedler alerts to a newer version, follow the steps.

1.  Download the new version of skedler alerts.

2.  Stop skedler alerts if it is running.

3.  Extract the new to the same folder or to a new location.

4.  If extracting to a new location, provide permissions to folders as follows:

  • Change the current directory (or go) to the folder where was extracted. For convenience, let us call this folder as $alert_home.
  • Provide read/write permissions to the following folders:
    • $alert_home\log

5. Start Skedler Alerts as follows.

  • Change directory to $alert_home (e.g., C:\alert).
  • To start Skedler Alerts manually, execute bin\alert.bat

NOTE: License reactivation is required when you upgrade Skedler Alerts from the older version(below v3.8) to the latest version. Refer to Reactivate Skedler Alerts license key