Skedler Reports license activation might be lost in the Docker or VM environment when the instance is unfortunately killed or crashed. 

To resolve:  The Skedler Reports license key should be persisted. Follow the steps given below to persist your Skedler Reports license key in the Docker / VM  environment. 

Note: The following process requires an Internet connection.

For Skedler Reports v3.12 and above

  • In the Skedler configuration file reporting.yml in $skedler_home/config directory, 
  • Uncomment the following variables and specify the required values.
    • license_key - A valid Skedler Reports license key.
    • license_email_id - A valid Email id which you had used in your initial activation of the Skedler Reports license key.

Note: For new activation of Skedler Reports license key kindly refer How to activate Skedler Reports in User Interface.

Below are the error messages details that occurs with your persisted license key during you license activation.

S.NOError MessageDescription
1Error in retrieving License Details - No Activation Found!
The Skedler Reports license key is not activated on any machine. You would need to activate the Skedler Reports License key as mentioned in the following article How to activate Skedler Reports in User Interface
2Email Id not matches with the license server ! Please contact skedler support for further assistance.
The Email id that is specified in the license_email_id variable in the Skedler configuration file did not match with your Email id which you had used in your initial Skedler Reports license key activation. Make sure that the Email id matches each other.

If you still face any issue with Skedler Reports license key persistence, contact Skedler Support with your log files from $skedler_home/log folder.