Skedler Alerts license deactivation issue might occur due to one of the following reasons,

  1. Skedler Alerts license activation might be lost in the Docker or VM environment when the instance is unfortunately killed or crashed. 

  2. Deactivation might also occur due to unexpected restart or shutdown of the server

  3. Activating the same license key in one or more servers at the same time.

The Skedler Alerts license key should be persisted. Follow the steps given below to persist your Skedler Alerts license key in the Docker / VM  environment. 

Note: The following process requires an Internet connection.

In the Skedler configuration file alertconfig.yml  in  $alert_home/config directory, uncomment the following variables and specify the required values.

  • license_key - A valid Skedler Alerts license key.

  • license_email_id - A valid Email id that you had used in your initial activation of the Skedler Alerts license key.

Note: If you have two or more Skedler Alerts license keys, make sure you add the same license key in the alertconfig.yml as one as the activation done in the Skedler Alert UI.