If you have configured User Impersonation feature in your ELK stack, then you will be able to use the " User Impersonation" option in Skedler Alerts.

User Impersonation in Skedler Alerts helps you to schedule alerts, manage indices on behalf of the login user. This will resolve the dependency of the user password during scheduled alerts.

Since, Skedler Alerts generation requires the login username and password for alerting and monitoring the data and If you're password is going to change frequently, then enabling "User Impersonation" in Skedler will resolve the issue.

To enable "User Impersonation" settings  in Skedler Alerts , run the command below:

sudo nano  $alert_home/config/alertconfig.yml

To enable User Impersonation  set  "user_impersonation" to "yes" as shown below,