In the previous version of Skedler, we have a login credential method to configure the Grafana, based on the organization. Now you can also use the API key as authentication to login into your Grafana organization.

Please follow the below steps to create an API key in Grafana,

  1. Login to Grafana and navigate to configurations.

  2. Now select the API keys option      

  1. Click add API key and then enter the following details,

Key name: valid name

Role: Admin

Time to live: valid time

  1. Click add button

  2. A new API key will be generated, as shown in the below screenshot.

  1. Copy the key and the go-to Skedler UI

Configuring in Skedler UI

  • Then select the configurations, select the data source tab. Enter the data source name, Grafana URL
  • Below that, you have authentication type as basic login and API login. Select option API login.
  • Enter the API key. Click test and save.