If your Grafana reports are incorrect and are not the same as your Grafana dashboard, what could be the reason behind that.? Does anyone know about these issues during the report generation?


Yes, you can actually overcome this dashboard timeout issue using the below instructions, In Skedler v4.22.0 we have added an additional attribute in the reporting.yml file.

1. Please go to Skelder home directory-> config folder-> open reporting.yml file.

2. navigate to the bottom of the page. Then we can see the option as shown below,


#wait time to load the dashboard for Kibana/Grafana. The default is 180000.

#dashboardTimeOut: 180000


3. Uncomment the dashboard time out and set it as 1200000 and save it. By default, the value will be 180000 which will be calculated in Milliseconds (3 mins) now by changing the value it comes down to 20 mins which actually gives enough time to load your dashboard.


4. Now go to Skelder UI and select the Report you want to check and select email now. Check the report for all the visualizations which are showing as same as the Grafana dashboard.