When the user tries to generate reports in Kibana or Grafana and it throws an error like this and send reports to admin as an error report,

[[32m2020-11-01T23:41:09.019[39m] [[32mINFO[39m] [[32mreports_4.17[39m] - Dashboard ReportEngine - Dashboard URL not loaded completely

[[32m2020-11-01T23:41:09.019[39m] [[32mINFO[39m] [[32mreports_4.17[39m] - Dashboard ReportEngine - Evaluated all elements (Visualization data element is not there Or Maximum Time is exceeded)

[[32m2020-11-01T23:41:23.774[39m] [[32mINFO[39m] [[32mreports_4.17[39m] - SettingsHelper - Mail will be sent to admin email for report Dummy Report

[[32m2020-11-01T23:41:23.787[39m] [[32mINFO[39m] [[32mreports_4.17[39m] - SettingsHelper - Mail transport is ready to take our messages

[[32m2020-11-01T23:41:24.098[39m] [[32mINFO[39m] [[32mreports_4.17[39m] - SettingsHelper - Mail transport successfull

[[32m2020-11-01T23:41:24.098[39m] [[32mINFO[39m] [[32mreports_4.17[39m] - SettingsHelper - Mail messageID DummyReport_PmHCF_SunNov01202023:41:23GMT+0400(GulfStandardTime)

There are five scenarios where Skedler users may experience Skedler Warning - error while generating the report. They are as follows:

1. Trying to load the heavy dashboard.

2. Error in the visualization in your dashboard.

3. Unsupported Charts from Skedler 

4. Running a lower version of Kibana 5.x/Grafana 5.x-6.x may lead to data load optimization.

5. Kibana/Grafana dashboard URL might not be loaded completely in Skedler


1. If you're trying to load a heavy dashboard with more visualization data, we request you to split the dashboard into 2 equal half to overcome this error.

2. Remove your visualization one by one and try to generate the reports.