You're reading this because you're looking for info on legacy custom integrations - an outdated way for teams to integrate with Slack. We suggest Slack apps can be built just for your own workspace or distributed through the App Directory, and they can use the latest and greatest APIs and UI features. Please follow the below steps to create tokens using slack apps. 

  1. Please go to the following link and navigate to Legacy tokens and click internal integration 

  2. This will automatically redirect you to create a slack application, where you need to create a web API in order to generate a token.

  3. Now click Create a slack app button and provide the APP name and choose Development Slack Workspace which you have already created and then click create app.

  1. Once you create the app, navigate to incoming webhooks and turn on the radio button to activate incoming webhooks.

  1. Navigate to OAuth & permissions tab from the features options which is present in the LHS.

  1. Click install to the workspace button and and choose the channel name from the dropdown menu.

  1. Click the allow button to install the workspace to a specific channel. 

  2. Now the token will be created in the Oauth & permissions page 

  1. Go to Skedler UI, Navigate to the configuration tab, select the notification channel option and select the drop down for slack notification in the create button.

  2. Provide the mandatory fields like name, token, which is already created in  step 7 & 8 and the admin name for slack notification.

  3. Click save and exit button and check whether the user can see the slack notification channel has been configured successfully.