To migrate the Skedler reports service running from one server to a new server and reuse all the work that has already been done, please follow the steps outlined below:


  • Persist Skedler Data
  • Install Skedler

Persist Skedler Data

You can reuse Skedler data by persisting it in a network drive.  You can simply map to the same location from the new server.  Refer to the following article on the mandatory and optional directories that needed to be persisted before migration.  

How to Persist Skedler Reports in VM, Docker/Container Environments

Alternatively, you can copy the directories mentioned in the above article to a similar directory in the new instance.  

Install Skedler

After the data has persisted and mapped in the new instance or copied over to the new instance, use the installation guide(s) to install Skedler in the new server.  The installation guides are available in the below link:

Install Skedler Reports

If the location of the files has changed in the new instance, be sure to edit the reporting.yml file to map the new location.