Build/Version Number: 5.5.0

Release date: 26 Nov, 2021

System Requirements

  • Operating System
    • Linux 7 (debian7/ubuntu12.04 to 20.04, RedHat 7/CentOS 7)
    • Windows 64 bit
    • MacOs 64 bit
    • Please note that Linux 6 is not supported.
  • Elastic Stack
    • Elasticsearch & Kibana 6.x to 7.15.2
    • Open Distro for Elasticsearch from 0.8.0 to 1.13.0 is supported.
    • Security plugins: Xpack and Search Guard Version from 6.x.x to 7.15.2 and Security Onion from 2.3.60 to 2.3.80 are supported.
    • Grafana version from 6.x to 8.2.4


  • Added  auto-scaling support for Grafana dashboard layout reports
  • Added a privilege to super admin users to change their email id
  • You can now generate reports using Grafana dashboard timezone by  selecting "use dashboard time" in Skedler
  • Support for using the fiscal year time window in Grafana dashboards.
  • Support added to use MySQL version 8 as datastore
  • Support added for ELK 7.15.2 and Grafana 8.2.4
  • Added support for Outlook SMTP

Bug fixes

  • Fixed  the issue regarding deleting filter which is already applied to reports
  • Fixed the error while generating report with absolute time filter
  • Fixed the issue of quick time window which is always in last 15 Minutes
  • Fixed the report rendering issue when table doesn't have a header
  • Fixed AWS OpenSearch connectivity issue
  • Fixed font parsing error while report generation
  • Fixed the issue with report rescheduling when restarting the server
  • Handled error cases for unsupported datasource versions while generating report
  • Fixed the issues with number of queries during filter listing
  • Fixed undefined issue in adding ${Filtername} param in distribution
  • Fixed report generation failure when a report has error charts
  • Fixed the duplicate chart issue
  • Fixed the issue when sending warning messages in slack
  • Fixed the AWS OpenSearch connection issue without authentication
  • Fixed the migration issue for monthly and yearly scheduled report
  • Fixed the issue of missing tabular column header missing in Kibana reports

Minor Changes

  • Improved logs in report distribution
  • Added zero to first ten number in dropdown while time scheduling
  • Moved download logs function from settings to help.
  • Added the ability to preview the report based on filter query

Known Issues

  • Auto scaling support for visualizations is not supported for Grafana 6
  • API key will not be supported for Grafana 8 dashboards having live stream charts
  • Kibana theme based report generation is supported only for ELK 7.0 to 7.10
  • HTML inline report has the rendering issues
  • Kibana logs stream is not supported yet
  • Grafana excel reports will support only raw queries for all data sources except elasticsearch