Build/Version Number: 6.0.0

Release date: 31 Oct 2022

System Requirements

  • Operating System
    • Ubuntu 16 & above
    • Debian 7 & above
    • CentOs 7 & above
    • RHEL 7 & above
    • Rocky Linux
    • Windows Server 2012 & above
    • macOs
  • Stack
    • Elasticsearch & Kibana 6.x to 8.4.x
    • Open Distro for Elasticsearch from 0.8.0 to 1.13.0 is supported.
    • Security plugins: Xpack and Search Guard Version from 6.x.x to 7.16.x and Security Onion from 2.3.60 to 2.3.110 are supported.
    • Grafana version from 6.x to 9.2.x


  • Node JS version upgraded into v16.17.1 to fix security vulnerabilities

  • Added support for bucket filter query in tabular report generation

  • Added support for latest version of Grafana 9.2.x

  • Added support for influx 2+ with flux query in the tabular report generation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the reporting name issue in the history while generating the report with burst queries

Minor Changes

  • Added option to update reports which are applied by corresponding template
  • Added guide to say the default username and password  in the sign-in page
  • Fixed UI responsiveness issues

Known Issues

  • Auto-scaling support for visualisations for Grafana 6 is not supported.
  • The API key for dashboards having live stream charts in Grafana 8 is not supported.
  • Kibana theme-based report generation is supported only for ELK 7.0 to 7.10.
  • Kibana logs stream is not supported yet.
  • Grafana excel reports will support only raw queries for all data sources except elastic search.