If you get the following error in Skedler console or in skedler.log,

[xx:xx:xx] [ INFO][skedler] - *****Checking hostname config*****

[xx:xx:xx] [ INFO][skedler] - Please wait ..................

[xx:xx:xx] [ERROR][skedler] - Configuration Error - Please check hostname configuration as given in install guide, hostname :  guidanz-kavi

Follow the steps to check for hostname configuration,

Configure the hostname as below:
  • Check your hostname by giving this command 
              $> hostname

in reporting.yml the host parameter is the host in which skedler binds.

  • If the host is configured as then make sure you have an entry in /etc/hosts as mentioned below


Note: if you are binding skedler to localhost you can't access it from outside.

  • If the host in reporting.yml for Skedler Reports or alertconfig.yml for Skedler Alerts is configured as (bind to any ip) or your server's ip then the entry in hosts file (/etc/hosts) should be,

              <ipaddress> <hostname>

and reboot the machine

NOTE:  If you are using any proxy server add your hostname to a no_proxy list in the file /etc/environment add the following line,