If you are recently upgraded from Skedler Reports 3x versions to the latest and noticed that all the reports are all missing as well as templates and burst filters. Even though you are copying and paste the old reporting.yml into the latest version of Skedler.

This issue is basically coming under the reporting.yml parameters missing for user-based report creation and generation.

To resolve

Make sure the following parameters are available in the reporting.yml

skedler_anonymous_access: false

skedler_password: skedlerAdmin

Explanation of the user-based report creation and generation.

Uncomment the variable skedler_anonymous_access and set the value to false

By default skedler_anonymous_access variable value is set to true. If the value is set to true, Skedler will not use the ELK or Grafana authentication mechanism. For example,

# To use security users of ELK or Grafana for user-based report creation and generation, uncomment the variable and set the value to `false`. By default, the variable value is set to `true` 

skedler_anonymous_access: false

If Skedler is configured to work with ELK or Grafana security plugin, the default administrator username/password for Skedler is skedlerAdmin/skedlerAdmin. The administrator login will allow you to configure data source details for Skedler report generation. If you would like to update the admin password, uncomment the variables skedler_password and set the required password and login to Skedler.

#Skedler admin username `skedlerAdmin`

# Allows you to change the Skedler admin password. By default, the admin password is set to `skedlerAdmin`

#skedler_password: skedlerAdmin