1. Port 3000 – port on which Skedler will run by default. You can change the port in the Skedler configuration. In that case, you can add permissions to the new port later in the security group

  2. The same way Grafana’s http_port is bind to defaults to 3000 and runs in http://localhost:3000/grafana in the browser. 

  3. In this case, you can change the Skedler’s default port 3000 to 3001. In order to do that go to the following path skedler/config/reporting.yml. 

  4. Open reporting.yml file in command the port 3000 and change it to 3001.

  1. Once the changes have been applied, Grafana will be running under port 3000 and Skedler will be running under port 3001.