This section will help you generate a self-signed certificate using OpenSSL for Skedler.

Openssl toolkit is used to generate ssl certificate, ssl key, ca certificates which is used to secure the web app.

Generate CA

1. Generate RSA certificate

openssl genrsa -aes256 -out ca-key.pem 4096

2. Generate Public CA certificate 

openssl req -new -x509 -sha256 -days 365 -key ca-key.pem -out ca.pem

Generate Certificate 

1. Create an RSA key

openssl genrsa -out cert-key.pem 4096

2. Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) 

openssl req -new -sha256 -subj "/CN=yourcn" -key cert-key.pem -out cert.csr

3. Create a extfile with all the alternative names like domain name, ip address

echo "subjectAltName=DNS:your-domain-name,IP:" >> extfile.cnf

4. Create the certificate

openssl x509 -req -sha256 -days 365 -in cert.csr -CA ca.pem -CAkey ca-key.pem -out cert.pem -extfile extfile.cnf -CAcreateserial

Note: Above is single line code, copy completely.

5. Verify Certificate

openssl verify -CAfile ca.pem -verbose cert.pem