When Skedler loads the Kibana URL in the in phantom browser, the phantom browser is set to UTC time by default. So when kibana's dataformat is set to "browser" then skedler takes the phantom browser timezone and report is generated in UTC format. You can set the timezone in Kibana, so that Skedler will pick that and load the Kibana URL while generating a report. Please follow the steps to configure the time zone in Kibana. By default, it will take the browser settings.

1. Go to Kibana URL

2. Click on "Settings" menu

3. Click on "Advanced" menu in settings page

3. Look for "dateFormat:tz"

4. Click "edit icon" against the dateFormat:tz

5. Select the time zone (Europe/London)

6. Click on the "Save icon" to save.

7. Generate a report in Skedler and verify if the timezone in report is correct